What We Do

OneTribe Initiative’s core areas of operations encompass a wide range of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development, peacebuilding, and community empowerment in Nigeria. The organization’s work spans across the areas of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, economic development, education, and health and nutrition, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and community-led solutions.

Our peacebuilding and conflict resolution efforts aim to promote social cohesion,  dialogue, and conflict resolution in Nigeria and beyond. The organization works to promote human rights and social justice and supports local communities in developing solutions to conflicts.

Refugee and Migrant Support: We support refugees and migrants by providing essential needs such as shelter, food, and medical care. The organization also works to promote the rights of refugees and migrants and advocates for their inclusion in society.

Human Rights and Advocacy: We work to promote human rights, including the right to education, health, and a safe environment. The organization advocates for the rights of vulnerable populations and supports community-based organizations in promoting human rights.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Response: We provide emergency response and disaster relief services to communities affected by natural disasters, conflict, and other emergencies. The organization supports communities in rebuilding and developing resilience to future emergencies.

Our development efforts aim to improve livelihoods and promote sustainable economic growth in Nigeria. The organization supports small business owners, entrepreneurs, and farmers by providing training and support to enhance their economic opportunities.

Community and Cooperative Development: We work with communities to establish cooperatives and other community-based organizations that promote economic growth and self-sufficiency. 

Sustainable Agriculture: We promote sustainable agriculture practices that improve food security and livelihoods for rural communities. The organization provides training and support for farmers in sustainable farming practices, marketing, and access to credit and other resources.

Women’s Empowerment: We support women’s economic empowerment by providing training and support for women entrepreneurs, farmers, and small business owners. The organization promotes gender equity and support women’s leadership and participation in community development.

Our education efforts aim to improve access to quality education and promote innovation and technology for social good. The organization works to promote girls’ education and gender equality and supports community-based initiatives to improve access to education.

Technology for Social Good: We promote the use of technology for social good, including in education, health, and economic development. The organization provides training and support for communities to use technology to solve social challenges and improve their livelihoods.

Our health and nutrition efforts aim to improve access to quality health care services, promote nutrition education and support, and improve water and sanitation infrastructure to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases.

Water and Sanitation: We work to improve water and sanitation infrastructure in rural and urban communities in Nigeria and provide training and support for communities to develop sustainable water and sanitation solutions that reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases.

Mental Health: We support mental health education and awareness campaigns and provides support for individuals and communities affected by mental health challenges.

Period Poverty: We promote menstrual hygiene and supports women and girls in managing their menstrual health. We provide menstrual hygiene education, training on manufacture of reusable sanitary pads, and advocacy for the elimination of period poverty.